When I first laid my eyes on some of the neat features of BlackBerry 10, I knew immediately BlackBerry had a new Operating System would be awesome. From the Peek and Flow action to the beautiful swipe gestures, the BlackBerry 10 OS is a beast on all levels.

One of the best features of the BB10 OS is the BlackBerry 10 Hub, which hands down by far trumps anything in the market to date. I have IOS and Android devices available to me at any time, but to compare the way BB10 handles all your communication needs to those of IOS and Android, there really is no comparison.

When you are able to slide your thumb over, view see all your updates in one spot and then go right back into whatever app or applications you are using at that time without having to close that  app or applications, there is no better way to do it. BlackBerry has developed a system that lets you literally “Keep Moving “without missing a beat.

I have to give the BlackBerry 10 OS the “BlackBerry Hank ” Seal of Approval. Check out some of the cool features below of the BlackBerry HUB:

The BlackBerry Hub gathers all of the messages and notifications that you receive from your different accounts into one convenient location. In the BlackBerry Hub, you can receive and respond to email, text messages, or BBM chats all in the same place, see and respond to notifications from your social networking accounts, glance at your upcoming events, and more.

  • Email

You can add practically any existing email account to your device—both work and web-based email.

  • Text messages (SMS/MMS)

If text messaging is a part of your wireless service plan, you can find and respond to your text messages in the BlackBerry Hub.

  • Social networking

If you add a Facebook account to your device, you can receive and respond to notifications, update your status, and send Facebook messages all from the BlackBerry Hub. If you add a Twitter account, you can compose tweets, keep on top of your mentions, and send direct messages. And if you add a LinkedIn account, you can accept invitations to connect with business contacts, send messages to your connections, and update your LinkedIn status.

  • BBM and instant messaging

After you add instant messaging apps to your device, you can access your chats through the BlackBerry Hub.

  • Calls and voice mail

The BlackBerry Hub also shows you the calls that you made and received, including any missed calls and voice mail messages.

  • Upcoming events

Without leaving the BlackBerry Hub, you can peek at upcoming meetings, events, and—if you add your Facebook account—friends’ birthdays.

  • SIM Toolkit

Your service provider might send you SIM Toolkit notifications that appear in the BlackBerry Hub. Tapping on these notifications launches the SIM Toolkit app.


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