As big a fan as I am of Verizon’s network, I’ve never really understood why the do some of the things they do. Some of their practices just plain don’t make sense. At least not to me.

We know that Verizon locks the GPS down in their BlackBerrys. We may not like it, however, they can and do charge you a premium to use their brand GPS service. I understand this… Don’t like it, but, understand it.

Conversely, Verizon BlackBerry users don’t have any access to VCast, Verizon’s 3G streaming media service. It is safe to say that both the BlackBerry Pearl and the BlackBerry Curve are attractive to consumers… Consumers who are more likely to pay for VCast than those who pay for VZNavigator. Why doesn’t Verizon offer these services? This, I don’t understand.