Earlier today, Russell Shaw from BBhub noted that there has not been a lot of chatter in the BlackBerry world about the new iTunes cellphone/MP3 player from Cingular called the Motorola ROKR. His exact words were “BlackBerry users couldn’t care less” about the new gadget.

When you take a close look at the over 3 million BlackBerry Users out there, you will see that the vast majority of these users are business users, and as Russell states, an MP3 player that happens to have a phone attached to it is just not in the world of the BlackBerry user. Some BlackBerry users, myself included, would like to see more practical features added like removable memory slots and WiFi but digital cameras and MP3 players don’t do anything for me personally.

We all have heard many times about the security issues surrounding many of the technologies found on other PDAs that are absent on BlackBerries but I think there are other reasons why some of these features, MP3 capabilities in this instance, won’t be found on BlackBerry devices anytime soon. Remember that most of the 3 million BlackBerry users are business users. Business professionals generally have more disposable income than most. This of course allows them to spend more on gadgets than the average person on the street and when they spend, they buy the cream of the crop. Why add an MP3 player to a BlackBerry when you can just buy an iPod Nano?