It seems like it is kind of of a slow day as far as BlackBerry related news goes, so, I figured that I would throw a question out there for discussion that colleague asked me this morning.

Why are so many more celebrities seen with BlackBerry devices as compared to iPhones?

As many of you long time RIMarkable readers know, we spun off a category, Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings, into it’s own site a few years back.  For a site that does little more than display mostly paparazzi style photos of famous people with BlackBerrys, Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings gets a ridiculous amount of traffic.

Now, I am not saying that there aren’t a lot of celebs who use iPhones.  There most certainly are.  But, when compared to the number of BlackBerry toting famous folk out there, their numbers seem almost insignificant.

The comments are open to all who want to weigh in on why this is the case, or, why I am completely off base.