Do you remember when Steve Jobs officially announced the iPhone back in January? Cingular had information about the iPhone, them being the exclusive carrier and all, moments after Jobs’ Macworld 2007 keynote introducing the iPhone began. Up until last week or so, the picture of the iPhone you see above was the one plastered across Cingular’s website… All this for a device that isn’t coming out until June and, at the time, hadn’t even received clearance from the government to be sold in the US.

Who does Cingular really love?

I ask this question because Research in Motion officially announced the BlackBerry 8800 today. I fully admit that the announcement of the BlackBerry 8800 pails in comparison to that of the Apple iPhone, however, with Cingular being the exclusive carrier and all, you would think that you would be able to find a “Coming Soon” link at the least somewhere on Cingular’s site.

Surely someone at Cingular must have thought that if RIM announced the BlackBerry 8800, and, on their website, list Cingular as the carrier through which you can get a BlackBerry 8800, someone may have actually followed the link.

Maybe not…

Who does Cingular really love?

BlackBerry 8800