I was just having a very interesting conversation with a couple of co-workers…  One is a long-time BlackBerry user.  The other just got a brand new iPhone 3G S for Christmas.  As iPhone 3G S user showed off their new gadget, long time BlackBerry user said, “That iPhone is pretty cool, but, I would never get one because it has no keyboard.”  iPhone user replied, “I really miss they keyboard on my Curve, but, the OS on here allows me to do so much more than I used to be able to do.”

This got me to thinking…  RIM has no choice but to overhaul the BlackBerry OS and some point.  Apple could sell keyboardless iPhones forever, but, they undoubtedly would exclude millions of potential customers that will never buy a phone without buttons, so, I think that we eventually will see an iPhone model with a keyboard.

The big question for me…  Which one will happen first?