I was just thinking about how the BlackBerry 7100t first came out on T-Mobile, shortly followed by other GSM carriers with other 7100 models. Verizon, on the other hand, never really came out with and 7100 and went straight to the 7130 for their first candybar size BlackBerry.

T-Mobile is, once again, first to market with the BlackBerry Pearl surely to be followed by the other GSM carriers. It will be some time, from what we’ve seen in the passed, before a CDMA Cameraberry hits the shelves. My question is what do you think that you will see first? A QWERTY Cameraberry or a Verizon CameraBerry?

Maybe RIM will throw us for a loop and the first QWERTY CameraBerry comes out on Verizon. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?