Although the still not officially announced release of the BlackBerry Pearl is less than two weeks away, there are still some that just don’t understand why a BlackBerry with a camera is necessary or even think that CameraBerrys are bad ideas.

There is a very vocal few that believe that sticking a camera in a BlackBerry is the worst thing since, allowing your BlackBerry to be used as a Broadband modem, or even putting Bluetooth into BlackBerrys. It’s truly amazing that Research in Motion has more than doubled in size since coming out with the BlackBerry 7100t, the first BlackBerry with Bluetooth, almost two years ago because this feature was supposed to doom the company.

What these naysayers fail to realize is that these are features that BlackBerry users, commercial and consumer alike, want in their devices. The reason that you hear so much from the folks that think innovation is a bad thing as compared to those complaining that features aren’t available is that potential new users that don’t see features that they want, don’t complain on every website, blog, and message board that will listen, they just buy devices that have the features that they want.

Believe it or not, people have a choice. BlackBerry is not the only gig in town. Now, I am not questioning that it it might be the best, however, there are other options. Some businesses dictate which devices there users carry and if they say BlackBerry, the endusers don’t have much of a choice. This is very true, however, I would be willing to bet that more BlackBerry users carry a second device than any other smartphone/PDA user in the market. Why is this? Because users want what they want. They want Bluetooth and to be able to use their BlackBerrys as broadband modems, and yes, they even want digital cameras built into their devices.

What’s the big deal about a BlackBerry with a camera? People want BlackBerrys with cameras. Although very, very late, RIM is smart enough to realize that people want what they want, and more importantly, buy what they want. If more mobile devices with cameras are sold than those without, it probably makes sense for RIM to come out with devices that have cameras…

Don’t you think?

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