A friend just asked me an interesting question and I thought that I would pose the question to you. What would it take to get you to switch to the iPhone from your BlackBerry.

I say that this is an interesting question because if it were being asked about any other device I probably would have quickly dismissed the question and said nothing. I, however, thought about this question for a second and shockingly, even come up with a scenario where I would switch.

There are three things that I would need in order to switch to the iPhone.

  1. An incredibly responsive touch screen — I recently had the opportunity to toy around with a mobile device that only has a touch screen for input and I have to say, that after about 5 minutes of getting used to the interface, it really wasn’t all that bad. I was able to thumb out messages almost as effectively as I can on my BlackBerry 7130e. It’s kind of strange typing without the tactile feel of buttons, but so long as the screen is responsive, is absolutely something I could get used to
  2. Push email, contacts, and calendar — I started to say a Windows Mobile 6-like BlackBerry Virtual Machine, however, email is the killer BlackBerry app for me and as long as I can get it, send, it, and keep my calendar and contacts up to date like I can on my BlackBerry, I think that I would be OK.
  3. The ability to switch back — There is an incredible amount of hype surrounding the iPhone and, although I am probably getting caught up in much of it, don’t see any harm in giving the iPhone an shot so long as I can switch back if it doesn’t work for me.

Before I became a die-hard BlackBerry user I was a die-hard Windows Mobile (Pocket PC at the time) user. I couldn’t imagine that I would ever be interested in a device like the BlackBerry, yet, RIMarkable is about to enter into its third year of existence. Truth be told, I will more than likely get an iPhone shortly after it comes out but it will be in addition to my BlackBerry. If I remember correctly, however, my first BlackBerry was in addition to my Windows Mobile device.

Lets see if history repeats itself…