As many of you may already know, memory has been a point of contention for BlackBerry users for quite some time.  To get straight to the point, there simply isn’t enough of it.  Sure, the newest devices have 16 gig media cards and 2 gigs of internal memory, but, you really only have 256 MB of application space.  Once you factor in the OS you are probably only talking about a 100 MB or so from which to install and run applications and if you don’t have a BlackBerry Storm2 or better, the problem  is dramatically worse.

The big hit at the BlackBerry Developer’s Conference this week was OpenGL ES which brings 3D graphics support to BlackBerry applications.  Starting with the BlackBerry Storm2 and the BlackBerry Curve 8530, developers are going to deliver applications and games that rival what you see on the the iPhone.  The problem for RIM, however, is that 3D graphics take up space.  They take up a lot of space and the BlackBerrys antiquated way of handling memory is going to be a huge bottleneck.

BlackBerry App World’s ability to archive rarely used applications and store them on your media card allowing you to reclaim that precious application memory is great feature, but, it gets really old really quick when you have do it with apps you use regularly simply because you are out of memory.

RIM needs to fix this…