If you are a die-hard BlackBerry addict when you read the title, “What The BlackBerry Could Learn From the SideKick”, you may have thought that the BlackBerry beats the SideKick in almost every way. What possibly could the SideKick teach the BlackBerry.

Well, the Sidekick could teach the BlackBerry that if it comes out with a limited edition device, gets a super-mega star like Dwayne Wade to, not only endorse, but help design it, slap a 56,000 sq. foot advertisement on the side of Mandalay Bay, and blast really cool commercials all during All-Star weekend, that an awful lot of people that might not otherwise be interested in the BlackBerry might actually think that it is really cool and check it out.

Note to Research in Motion: Advertising beyond your core demographic to the market segment you are trying to make a dent in is not a bad idea.

Dwayne Wade, Limited Edition SideKick 3