Once of the things that I like most about talking about BlackBerry devices all the time is speculating, wildly at times, about future BlackBerry devices and all the cool things they will do. Over the passed past couple years discussion has been much about hardware features.

We finally have BlackBerrys with digital cameras, GPS, Wi-Fi, removable memory, etc. I am sure that it won’t be too long before we see a single BlackBerry with all of these features. The thumb-wheel has been replaced by a trackball. BlackBerrys now have standard earphone jacks so that we can listen to MP3s with clarity and a stereo Bluetooth profile is not far off. The BlackBerry has turned out to be a pretty nifty piece of electronic wizardry.

What should we expect next?

When is the next “BlackBerry Stealth” coming and what will it do? The BlackBerry Pearl, as we call it today, was really the last radical change in BlackBerry design and it has been over a year since it was first leaked.

What is the next, next thing in BlackBerry design and / or functionality. What will be the feature that old school BlackBerry enthusiast will say will never fly because of security?

Personally, I cannot wait until the next big BGR BlackBerry leak…