In a Business Week interview with Brian Bogosian, CEO of Visto, he was asked if he would like to put BlackBerry maker Research in Motion out of business and responded with “Absolutely.” That’s to be expected… RIM is Visto’s biggest competitor and who wouldn’t want to take out their biggest competitor?

What makes me think that this guy is completely nuts is that in addition to taking BlackBerry out, Bogosian expects to be the “Last Man Standing” in the mobile email game by the start of winter next year. That’s right, privately held Visto, with it’s $150 million in VC funding is going to take out the likes of Nokia, the biggest handset maker in the world, Microsoft, the biggest software company in the world, and RIM, the biggest mobile email provider in the world all within the next 18 months.

What do you say to something like that, other than, “Have you completely lost your frigging mind!” I have to be honest, I cannot name one person that uses Visto to get email on their mobile device. I am not saying that I don’t know anyone who does, I just couldn’t tell you who they are. I could, however, list out dozens if not hundreds of people I know that get their mobile email via BlackBerry, Exchange 2003 SP2, Good Link, or OMA (Outlook Mobile Access).

It is good to have a goal, but, my goodness. Be the last man standing in the next 18 months? Can you imagine the the long term goal reviews with the sales teams at Visto. “So… We’re going to need you to take out Microsoft and RIM in time for the holidays next year. Talk about pressure.

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