I have been thinking about the BlackBerry 8800 a bit lately seeing how it is about to come out in a week and a half. It has trackball, is a bit thinner than the BlackBerry 8700, and has removable media. Other than that, what is so great about the BlackBerry 8800?

Now that the release of the 8800 is near, I don’t really find myself all that excited about it. Even though the 8800 isn’t coming out on Verizon just yet, I am not so sure that I would upgrade to it if it was. In fact I know that I wouldn’t if they were offering the same cameraless version that will first come out on Cingular.

Are you going to get a BlackBerry 8800 when it first comes out. If so, why? Let us know via the comments.

BlackBerry 8800