Does anyone know why the themes on the BlackBerry 8700c and 7130e have phone icons that look absolutely nothing like a BlackBerry? The phone on the theme of the 8700c actually looks like a old school Palm Treo. The phone on the theme of the 7130e (pictured to your right) looks like a flip phone, something that a BlackBerry probably will never be. Even if RIM does decide to make a flip phone BlackBerry one day, the BlackBerry 7130e is not a flip phone right now so the choice in icon really doesn’t make sense to me.

If the phone icon is just meant to be a universal symbol for a phone, I like the 1954 looking rotary phone found on the theme of the 7100t. If the icon is going to be a mobile phone, you may as well make it look like a BlackBerry, which is arguably the most recognizable mobile phone in North America. Think about it. When you see a BlackBerry in someone’s hand or on their hip, you think BlackBerry. When you see any other phone, you think cell phone.