After recording the SMRpodcast last night, I pulled up and watched the first AT&T BlackBerry Torch commercial because there is an interesting quote in it.  “Less an evolutionary leap, more like a triple axel.”  The first time I saw this commercial, I just assumed that it was referring to the the Torch.  I wonder now, however, if this really is referring to the operating system?

Regular RIMarkable readers know that I wasn’t a big fan of the BlackBerry Torch.  I actually returned mine.  This wasn’t, however, because I thought the device completely sucked.  Quite the contrary actually…  I believe that I was expecting an evolutionary leap… Exactly what this commercial says the Torch and the operating system running on it, is not.

So, if BlackBerry 6 isn’t the BlackBerry operating system that is an evolutionary leap, might the company still be working on it?  Research on Motion bought QNX back in April and rumors have been floating around that QNX is working on a new BlackBerry OS that will power the upcoming BlackBerry Tablet, and, possibly even the BlackBerry Storm3.

Could it be that BlackBerry 6 is just a stopgap which allows a few recently released BlackBerry devices as well as new  and refreshed ones coming out later this year to run the WebKit BlackBerry Browser that RIM promised would be out by this summer and that the real “evolutionary leap“, something I believe RIM absolutely needs to better address the consumer market, is yet to be announced?

What do you think?