A pre-release of Twitter for BlackBerry was just released, and, after a day of playing around with it, I will say the it won’t affect the good third party BlackBerry Twitter client’s at all if RIM doesn’t significantly increase the speed.

One type of application that the BlackBerry has no shortage of is BlackBerry Twitter clients. There were at least 12 BlackBerry Twitter clients last time we checked back in the summer of last year, and several new apps have made their way on to the seen scene.

Some BlackBerry Twitter clients are free, some are premium, and a few are taking the Google approach of always being in beta and we don’t know if there will be a charge or not. In case you didn’t know, Research in Motion is working on an official Twitter for BlackBerry application. It is rumored to be awesome and supposedly is coming out soon.

We just have one question…

What affect will the official Twitter for BlackBerry App have on third party BlackBerry Twitter clients?

I believe that the most downloaded Blackberry application to date is Facebook for BlackBerry Smartphones.  Something tells me that that Twitter for BlackBerry Smartphones (if RIM decides to keep with their naming convention) will be the biggest BlackBerry app since Facebook.  Even though several of the third party BlackBerry Twitter clients are quite good, they may be swept up in the wave that is the official Twitter client for BlackBerry and all of the marketing surely to surround it upon its release.