I am not quite sure why, but, it seems like I have been using BlackBerry Messenger an awful lot lately.  Like most other IM appliactions BlackBerry Messenger is an incredibly efficient way of communicating short messages to other BlackBerry users.

I am sure that I’ve reviewed it several times before here in so I will spare you another “this is BlackBerry Messenger and what here is what it does” post as RIM really hasn’t made any major changes to the application in some time.  I’ll just tell you to download here it if you somehow managed to delete it off of your device.

Just in case, however, there are any BlackBerry Messenger developers that work at RIM and by chance happen to be reading this post, what I will say is this…  Will you for the love of all things good and cuddly add some type of desktop support so that I can access BlackBerry Messenger through BlackBerry Desktop Manager or something?

I understand that BlackBerry Messenger communicates using PIN messageing over RIMs network so a stand alone Desktop client probably isn’t feasible.  Can’t you, however, come up with a way that if my BlackBerry is synched with BDM that I could type and reply to messages via a window on my desktop as compared to having to physically pick the device up?

Please don’t insult my intellegence by telling me that you cannot do it for security reasons.  Security was the reason that we couldn’t have BlackBerrys with Bluetooth, removable memory, digital cameras, voice recorders, and MP3 players.

I know that I could just use AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger or Google Talk, but, those require that the user actually sign up an account.  Every BlackBerry user has PIN and, unless they uninstalled it, already has BlackBerry Messenger on their device.

Why don’t you guys see what you can come up with and get back to me.  If you come up with something sweet I’ll be sure to tell 20 to 25 thousand of my die hard BlackBerry finatic friends about it.