It seems like there was a lot of speculation before the BlackBerry 8820 was officially announced that it would debut in the United States on T-Mobile. There were rumors floating around yesterday before the announcement about T-Mobile pulling the BlackBerry 8800 from their upgrade program readying themselves for the 8820. Now, however, that the BlackBerry 8820 has been officially announced, it’s not clear which carrier will get the first BlackBerry with Wi-Fi First.

AT&T may have the inside track on the BlackBerry 8820

Even though RIM hasn’t announced a carrier for the 8820, Squawk Box reported that AT&T would carry the device later this summer. That isn’t to say that T-Mobile won’t carry the device, but, we rarely see the same BlackBerry device launched on more than one carrier at a time here in the U.S.

I personally am not a big AT&T fan, but, you’ve got to give them their due. AT&T usually gets the newest BlackBerrys first.