Unfortunately for me, I got the infamous JVM Error 545 on my BlackBerry this morning and I had to reinstall the OS on my device. As anyone that has ever gotten a Java error that doesn’t allow your BlackBerry to boot up knows, there is a really good chance that after you re-install your OS, you will have to recover your data from a backup, if, of course, you have a backup to recover from.  I do have a backup, however, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to learn of  new BlackBerry applications that I should check out.

That being said, leave us a comment and let us know of any really good BlackBerry applications that I should give a run through on my BlackBerry Storm 9530.  I just recently wrote a post about 10 applications installed on my BlackBerry and I will definitely reinstall a couple of them…  Namely Tether for BlackBerry and QuickPull.  Other than those two, however, my device is an open slate.

If you know of a really good BlackBerry application, leave a comment, tell me about it and why I should try it out, and, I just may check it out.