WES 2007 is a week away and leading up to the biggest BlackBerry show of the year several BlackBerry devices, the T-Mobile BlackBerry 8800 and the BlackBerry 8830 on Verizon, Sprint, and Bell Canada have been announced.

RIM, however, surely hasn’t let all of the cats out of the bag. I personally am hoping that Verizon announces a SureType CameraBerry, whether it be a BlackBerry Pearl or something else, at the show.

What are you predicting that will be announced at WES 2007?

Could it be the BlackBerry 8300? The domain name is registered and as MiBlackBerry points out, JBoss has been installed. Could RIM be getting ready to do something with the domain just in time for WES? We will find out for sure next week, however, it definitely is fun to speculate.

What Are Your WES 2007 BlackBerry Predictions? Let us know via the comments…