So, I am up catching up on all the BlackBerry news from the past 12 hours or so and just happened upon this post over at where they are talking about a free visual voicemail client for YouMail called VyMail.  I am always interested in a free stuff so I decided to check it out.

After about 10 minutes of playing with VyMail, I can tell you that there is absolutely no reason to pay for Verizon’s Visual VoiceMail if you are a BlackBerry Storm user and all other BlackBerry users should be taking a look at this as well simply because it is one of the coolest free BlackBerry applications that I have seen in some time.

In order to user VyMail you must first sign up a free YouMail Account.  You can get information on what YouMail is here but, essentially, it is a service that you can forward your mobile voicemail to which gives you a ton of really cool voicemail management features for free.

On you have a YouMail account set up, simply download VyMail to your BlackBerry OTA by visiting directly from your device’s BlackBerry browser.  You can also download this to your desktop to install via BlackBerry Desktop manager here.  Once VyMail is installed, all you have to do is enter your phone number and your PIN from YouMail.

VyMail is just in beta, however, but it works as well as Verizon’s Visual VoiceMail.  Additionally, YouMail has a ton of features that Verizon does not.  PhoneTag should also be concerned about VyMail.  VyMail doesn’t support transcription yet but I would guess that will just be a matter of time.  Although there is a charge for voicemail to text transcription from YouMail, it is competitive in price and YouMails other features blow PhoneTag out of the water.

This is coming from someone who just said yesterday that PhoneTag is my favorite BlackBerry App of 2008.  It still is, however, VyMail and YouMail are going to give the guys over at PhoneTag a run for their money in 2009.