VoiceSignal, a Woburn, Massachusetts based software company specializing in small footprint speech solutions for embedded devices, has released it’s VSuite product for the BlackBerry Pearl.

VSuite is a “command and control” speech recognition application that does not require any user training. With VSuite, users can make a call, address a message, access a feature or go directly to an operator service with a single command (e.g. call Bill Smith at the office, send picture to John Jones, open camera, go to My Mobile). VSuite eliminates the need for the 5-10 button pushes normally required to access a phones features or make a call, making mobile phones easier, safer and more fun to use. And since VSuite does not require any user training, it is ready to use as soon as names are entered in the contact list.

VSuite 2.1 for the BlackBerry Pearl supports the following features:

  • One-Step Name Dialing
  • One-Step Digit Dialing
  • Audio and Visual Prompts
  • Text-to-Speech Output
  • One-Step Extension Dialing
  • Support for Large Phonebooks
  • User Customization
  • Expert User Mode
  • Recognition Sensitivity
  • Audio Level Adjustment

Via BBHub