Believe it or not, I had a post half written titled “Whatever happened to Project Tango” but it looks like there is no need to finish it as we’ve just received an email letting us know that Viigo Beta has just gone public and we are downloading it to our BlackBerry Pearl as we write this post.

Urggghhh… It requires a reboot.

Now that my BlackBerry is back up, I have to say that I am fairly impressed. Project Tango is looking pretty good. It is a beta and some things, Audio & Podcasts, Travel, Local Interests, and Stocks and Finance, aren’t yet available, however, some of the things that are there are pretty cool.

We will put the beta through the paces and come back and tell you what we really feel, but, in the mean time, download Viigo Beta for yourself and tell us if you like it. It is free and can be downloaded OTA from