As great a mobile email device as the BlackBerry is, one of the things that bugs me the most is that it doesn’t handle HTML formatted messages very well. I am not quite sure why RIM still hasn’t come out with an HTML view option for email, but, seeing how they’ve only recently added spell check, am am not really surprised.

Fortunately there are third party applications popping up all over the place offering better email formatting than what you get on your BlackBerry out of the box. One such application that I’ve just become aware of is HTML Mail Viewer from Empower.

To make a long story short, HTML Email Viewer from Empower takes email messages coming into your BlackBerry that look like the one to the right, formats them, pretties them all up, and makes them look like the one down to the left.

I just installed HTML Mail Viewer on my Blackberry about 5 minutes ago so I cannot give you a full review other than telling you that it didn’t crash my BlackBerry, which, is always a plus. HTML Mail Viewer is in public beta, however, so you can download it OTA directly to your BlackBerry and take a look for yourself.

Be sure to come back here and leave your impressions in the comments. Just remember that HTML Mail Viewer is in beta so don’t be surprised if you find a bug or two.

Empower, HTML Mail Viewer