By video, pictures, blogs, twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google Plus, Vimeo, YouTube, and just about all social media platforms, the leaks continue to come for BlackBerry10.

This is only a plus for BlackBerry because the myth is now starting to become a reality and eyes are opening to what could be something special and a much-needed change in this current market.

They said the Playbook 4G LTE wouldn’t make it to market, but I am a proud owner of one. They said RIM is dead, but, I have yet to see a funereal. They said RIM would not even make it to 1st Quarter 2013 to even release its new BlackBerry10 devices and I have no choice but to say, We Shall See!

You will always hear me preach that diversity in the smart phone market is a necessity. Without diversity we leave ourselves open to the possibility of becoming robots with one phone and no other options.

Overall I’m very excited for BlackBerry10 and hopefully I can get my hands on demonstration at BlackBerry Jam in San Jose, California later this month. Enjoy folks!

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