Murphy’s Law mandated that two weeks after I stopped using my BlackBerry Pearl, swapping it in for a BlackBerry Storm, Verizon actually unlock GPS on both the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 and the BlackBerry Curve 8330.

Of course GPS on the BlackBerry Storm is still wearing shackles as you are forced pay a monthly subscription to use VZNavigator in order to know where you are.  This is still the case for the BlackBerry 8830 as well.  My guess is that a lot BlackBerry 8830 users actually subscribe to VZNavigator and New BlackBerry Storm uses are trying it out before eventually cancel it and buy a GPS device like all the BlackBerry Pearl and Curve users did.

Update: I still haven’t gotten it to work on my Storm, however, GPS is unlocked and works with BB Maps and a few other GPS applications.

[Via HoFo]