Remember that Verizon Private Sale that we talked about last week that the was supposed to allow Verizon’s most valued customers early access to purchase Verizon’s hottest devices at their best prices?  Well It looks like Verizon’s most valued customers are becoming their most angry customers.

If you take a look at the flyer, there is a picture of a BlackBerry Storm slapped on and the sale has a start date of Nov. 17th.  You and I and thousands of others who read BlackBerry blogs everyday know that the Storm won’t be available to anyone until Nov. 21st, so, imagine the look of surprise that many of Verizon’s most valued customers had on their faces when they showed up yesterday looking to buy the BlackBerry Storm.

I am sure that look of surprise quickly turned to a look of frustration as Verizon’s most valued customers turned into their most angry customers.  Verizon had to know that the 9 out of every 10 customers that would respond to this flyer would be looking to get a BlackBerry and the fact that they aren’t able to is just plain stupid.

I should point out that regular RIMarkable commentator Norman R. had a feeling that this might happen.