It looks like Verizon is taking strides to get with the times and is starting to offer customers what they want. The BlackBerry data only plan has been, oh, so elusive, however,Verizon has finally come around and is offering a plan for those BlackBerry users who never talk on the phone. They are going to charge the heck out of you for it, starting at $54.99 per month plus $0.25 per minute for those times that you do need to make a call, however, Verizon doesn’t do anything on the cheap and no one can say they don’t offer a data only plan anymore.

For your 55 bucks a month you get unlimited email, web browsing, and data usage. Personally, I just don’t see how this plan could ever be worth it if you use the phone even for just a few minutes per month. I admit, however, that I cannot remember a month when I used less than 600 or 700 minutes and usually regularly average over an hour per day especially when I am on the road.