Have you ever heard of a Verizon Wireless Private Sale before?  Me neither…  I always thought that when you wanted to get a new BlackBerry into the hands of a VIP right before it launches you either called their pulbicist or held a Launch Party and hope that at least a few A-List people showed up.

I guess you learn something new everyday, but, I digress…  If you just happen to be one of Verizon’s “most valued customers” you get to buy Verizon’s hottest devices at their best prices.  I wonder if paying your $278.37 bill every month for the last 4 1/2 years makes you a “most valued customer”?  Somehow I doubt it.

If  I had to guess I’d say those Verizon customers that they don’t value most are looking at the week of Thanksgiving coming before we can get a BlackBerry Storm.

[Via BlackBerry News]