We have been hearing for a while now that a CDMA / GSM Verizon BlackBerry 8800 would be coming to Verizon sometime in Q2 and more rumors about the device have begun to surface.

According to new BlackBerry Forums member rianlu, Verizon will release their branded version of the BlackBerry 8800 which will be called the BlackBerry 8830 in the May / June time frame. Sprint will follow with their branded version of the BlackBerry 8830 shortly after Verizon.

Here is exactly what rianlu had to say about the BlackBerry 8830:

I was on a call recently with a rim rep. I work for a local carrier on the east coast don’t want to go to specific cuz they said it was mildly confidential but the device will be the 8830. verizon’s looking at may/june and sprint soon thereafter other carriers are looking at august. so far all the test devices have verizon software or atleast the ones we saw. the device will be trackball and will have a few new features some of which have been mentioned. it is quadband but will only be marketed as cdma in north america and gsm in europe and other markets. it will also have a micro sd card slot and has a full media player, music and video!!!!! it will have a built in spell checker 54 MB onbaord data and 16 MB ram. overall it looks pretty cool very similar to the 8800. best features imo are the next two: stereo bluetooth, and extended battery included when you buy. it has 33% more battery life than the standard in the 8703e so should be pretty good. thats pretty much all they told us on the call hope that answers questions and clears up some myths if you have any other questions i can research them and ask our rim rep and see what he says.

BlackBerry 8830