Do you remember back in the summer when Alex King set up a bounty for the creation of a Bluetooth Blackberry 8700 Modem Tether for Mac which ended up being claimed by Daniel Pasco this passed October. Well, a small development company named Brain Murmurs has productized the Bluetooth BlackBerry Modem Tether into an application they call Pulse and it is now available for both the Mac and PC.

If you have ever used your USB cable to tether your BlackBerry to your laptop as a modem, Pulse, will do essentially the same thing, via a Bluetooth connection. There are a few caveats, however.

Pulse is a proxy based solution, which means that you will have to set up a Linux based proxy daemon on a machine with internet access in your organization or home office, or, set up an account with Austin Web Development’s proxy service which will cost you an additional $4.99 per month or $40 per year.

Pulse works on the BlackBerry 7290, 7130, and 8700 series devices. There is no need to use it on the BlackBerry Pearl, as this functionality is already built into this device and presumably any next generation BlackBerry coming out in the future.

Pusle will set you back $50 bucks and can be purchased directly from the Brain Murmurs website. There is a free trial and as soon as I get tPulsehe chance I will put up an in depth review.

Brain Murmurs, Pulse