When flying Air Canada within Canada or internationally on a flight departing from Canada, passengers that use their BlackBerrys as a paperless boarding pass when checking in. You could actually use any (supported) mobile device, however, BlackBerry Boarding Pass sounds much better than HTC Vox Boarding Pass or Motorola Q boarding pass.

Lise Fournel, the airline’s Senior Vice-President of E-Commerce and Chief Information Officer, commented: “Introduction of the mobile boarding pass is a key element in Air Canada’s initiatives to use the most recent and secure mobile and 2-D barcode technologies to simplify our customers’ travel experience.

In addition to the simplification of travel and business processes made possible by the replacement of paper with electronic documents, we’re particularly excited about the expanded application of 2-D barcode technology that gives our employees better tools to serve our customers more efficiently.”

I wonder how long it will take this to catch on with other airlines?