Yesterday we put up a post, based off of a report from Infoworld, that the much anticipated Verizon Droid would require a $15 fee on top of the $30 per month data plan fee for those who want to connect their device to a corporate Exchange system.   Well, according, to a post over on Gearlog, this is not the case.

There’s a lot of confusion going on around the Internet about the Motorola Droid’s service plans. Some people are saying that if you want to connect to a Microsoft Exchange account, data will cost $45 a month instead of $30.
This is wrong.
Believe it or not, Gearlog contacted the same Verizon spokesperson, Brenda Raney, as did InfoWorld and this is what she had to say:
First of all, the Droid uses the exact same data plans as every Windows Mobile Phone  on Verizon. There is no special Droid data plan.

Second, whether you pay $30 or $45 doesn’t depend on what you’re doing with the phone. You can hit Exchange email on the $30 plan just fine. It depends on what kind of Verizon Wireless account you have.
Having read both of Ms. Raney’s qoutes I won’t say that they completely contradict each other, however, I can absolutely  see where what she said to InfoWorld was ambiguous enough to be misinterpreted.  The quote above is pretty straight forward.
[Via Gearlog]