A new version of the popular BlackBerry Twitter client, ÜberTwitter, has been released. The big voila in ÜberTwitter Beta 5 is the integration of TweetPhoto.

TweetPhoto is now the default photo sharing service. We have fully integrated TweetPhoto’s extensive feature list in such a way that it naturally flows with many of the features already available. Favoriting a tweet that includes a TweetPhoto will also favorite the photo on TweetPhoto, deleting a tweet with a TweetPhoto will also delete the TweetPhoto, replying to a tweet with a TweetPhoto will include that reply in the comment stream on TweetPhoto.com, and viewing a photo in UberTwitter will also register the view on TweetPhoto. You can view all of the comments on a TweetPhoto in one place in UberTwitter and, of course, we fully integrated our geolocation capabilities.

Check the full list of features out after the jump…

  • Email forwarding – You can now forward a tweet directly to email
  • Visual Icon Notification – For newer devices we provide a visual homescreen icon which you can configure to display for either new tweets, new replies/mentions, new direct messages or any combination of the three.
  • Enter to Send – You now have the option to enable pressing ENTER in the compose tweet screen to send the tweet.
  • Search Bug – we fixed a nasty bug which prevented many of you from using the search capability
  • Modified the timeline retrieval logic to account for cases where tweets might not get retrieved if Twitter was experiencing intermittent tweet delivery delays.
  • Exiting App SHIFT-x will now exit the application from any timeline screen
  • Link Shortcut – SHIFT- l will now retrieve any embedded URL in a tweet
  • A link to the original tweet on twitter.com is now included when you copy or email a tweet
  • Advertisements are now not retrieved when the application is in the background, helping battery life.
  • We’ve added a refresh on the Friends and Followers lists
  • We’ve made the followers, friends, updates ‘active’ regions when viewing a tweet. You can click these to directly view those items instead of having to go through the menu.
  • We added a warning when adding a photo to a direct message as it may allow others to view the message through the photo service.
  • Added reply all shortcut when viewing a tweet
  • Added a workaround for a change Twitter made to the Everyone Near You capability

[Source via UberTwitter]