UberTwitter Beta 3ÜberTwitter Beta 3 is being readied for release with a slew of new features and deepened support of Twitter. One major change is that ÜberTwitter will randomly add advertising to the time line in order to remain free, however, a premium version that disables the advertising will become available once the final version of ÜberTwitter is released.

After the jump you will find a list of features and bug fixes planned for inclusion in ÜberTwitter Beta 3.

  • Cleaned up and modernized the user interface
  • DONE! Greatly reduced battery drain!
  • DONE! Merge of both @Replies/Mentions as well as Direct Messages into your timeline
  • DONE! Integrated BlackBerry Maps when viewing a Tweet, works just like the myloc.me web site. This will view the location of the tweet if it includes a ‘myloc.me’ or ‘mypic.me’ or ‘myvid.me’ URL, OR will use the location in the profile if it includes a latitude/longitude pair. This includes support for the iphone twitter clients which routinely put the geolocation in the Twitter profile location field! Click on the screenshot below for a detailed view.
  • DONE! When viewing a tweet which contains a latitude/longitude pair in the location field we will now provide the ‘human readable’ address of that location, also works for iPhone geolocations in the Twitter profile location field.
  • In order to keep ÜberTwitter free we are adding advertisements to the timelines, these will appear randomly in the timelines, please support our advertisers so we can continue to develop and distribute ÜberTwitter free of charge. Note that for the final release we will have a paid version available with no advertising.
  • Search for people like the ‘Find People’ feature on the Twitter web site
  • Support for the shrinking your tweet through an integration with TweetShrink.com. This will be an option when composing your tweet.
  • Option for automatic URL shortening.
  • Added a ‘Copy’ menu item so you can copy/paste entire tweets into other BlackBerry applications
  • DONE! Timeline scrolling is MUCH snappier!
  • DONE! When viewing a DM, the only reply option is with another DM
  • DONE! Added touch screen gestures for the Storm to go to the top and bottom of the timeline.
  • DONE! Fixed bug where the selected tweet in a timeline was basically ‘random’ when the timeline was updated. The currently selected tweet will now remain selected after adding tweets to the timeline.
  • DONE! At the bottom of all timelines there is a row that says ‘Load More’ which will retrieve older tweets for that timeline.
  • DONE! Fixed bug where the location being reported was ‘stuck’ to a previous location.
  • Added a Terms and Conditions screen to the setup configuration.
  • DONE! Resolved bug where the small gray time of tweet text would sometimes overwrite the other text in a tweet.
  • DONE! Added support for tweets that contain Moby Pictures (mobypicture.com)