Over this passed weekend TwitterBerry 0.9 beta 1 was released and it has some pretty cool new features.

  • OS 4.2.1+: Includes improved TwitPic support. Look for the ‘Send to TwitterBerry’ menu in the Media application when viewing images. TwitPic uploads are sent over direct TCP connections, see ‘Connection Help’ in the Settings page
  • OS 4.2.1+: TwitPic progress bar, to show the progress of the upload
  • OS 4.3.0+: WiFi support for all connections
  • Full tweets on the list screen. No need to click to open new tweets
  • Improved network connectivity, adding support for WAP 2.0
  • Hyperlink “@username” in tweets to visit their timeline
  • Re-Tweet tweets from timelines or tweet views
  • Optional HTTPS SSL support on all authenticated requests
  • Background on close under ‘Configure’
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • New localizations: Portuguese

I’ve just installed it and I’ve got to to say that I like where Orangatame is taking TwitterBerry.  It is definitely a beta, however, and has kinks that need to be worked out.  I will probably still use Social Scope as my primary Twitter client, however, TwitterBerry, which already was my second favorite BlackBerry Twitter client, has closed the gap considerably.

You can download TwitterBerry 0.9 Beta 1 directly to your BlackBerry via the following link.


What BlackBerry Twitter Client Do You Use?