Twitter for BlackBerry v2.1 is out of beta and officially available for download in BlackBerry App World.  The new hotness in this version of Twitter for BlackBerry is multiple account support, a feature that many BlackBerry users have been waiting on for some time.

Twitter for BlackBerry v2.1 features include:

  • Multi-Account Support – Have up to five accounts on your Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones app. Switch between accounts and cross-post Tweets and Retweets from one account to another without switching the current account view.
  • Enhanced “Share with BBM™” functionality – Easily share Tweets with BBM Contacts and Groups.
    View multiple Twitter accounts in a single timeline – View a stream of Tweets from up to five Twitter accounts in the Social Feeds timeline, or opt to filter individual Twitter accounts.
  • Post a Tweet to multiple Twitter Accounts – Publish a Tweet to one or more Twitter accounts simultaneously using Social Feeds
Personally, I’ve been a big fan of Twitter for BlackBerry, but, always had a third party Twitter client or two installed so that I could use more than one Twitter account from my BlackBerry.  Twitter for BlackBerry v2.1 eliminates the need for multiple Twitter clients.

Download Twitter for BlackBerry v2.1 from BlackBerry App World