Our initial impression of Twitter for BlackBerry comes a little later than most.  I guess the unofficial BlackBerry blog isn’t big time enough to be on the list of blogs RIM contacts when they want to put a preview of an application out.  Our first thought, however, are about the same as most everyone else that did a review…

Is this the best that RIM could come up with?

I will say one nice thing about Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones.  I like how it looks on the BlackBerry Storm.  Beyond that, Twitter for BlackBerry doesn’t even warrant a full review.  It is a pre-release version and RIM could fix a bunch of stuff before they release it, but, to make a long story short, it is simply too slow.

When RIM updates the pre-release or puts out a production release that works, we’ll do a proper review.  Until then, we recommend UberTwitter, which today released Beta-7, or Social Scope, if you can get into the Beta.

For those of you that want to truly see how slow Twitter for BlackBerry is first hand, we hear there is a leaked version out.  You might want to do a quick search before it gets yanked.