When Trillian for BlackBerry Beta was first launched the multi-network IM client was not without it’s bugs.  Trillian for BlackBerry Beta v1.o build 215 fixes many of them…

Change log:

  • ‘Auth’ contacts should be in offline group
  • AutoText support
  • BIS connection problems
  • Can’t add accounts once signed in
  • Constant Red LED
  • Double spacebar & auto caps support
  • Fix LED speed to mirror standard speed
  • Hide avatars and other internal images from BB Media app
  • LED color support
  • List control not exposing expand/collapse menu options
  • Usernames with “_” aren’t being allowed but should be
  • Improvements to battery usage

You can download Trillian for BlackBerry Beta by heading over to http://www.trillian.im/get/blackberry/.