I know that all the BlackBerry buzz right now is about the BlackBerry Bold and the BlackBerry KickStart. The machine is even getting into gear for the BlackBerry Thunder. The device that I believe a lot of BlackBerry users that really follow RIM are waiting for, however, is the touchscreen BlackBerry that will have a pull out keyboard.

I know that there are BlackBerry traditionalist that don’t think RIM should ever come out with a slider, but, many of those same people didn’t think that a camera, SureType, or even a color screen would ever fly. The biggest knock on a BlackBerry slider is durability, however, I believe that RIM, who has a knack for building sturdy devices, will be able to get past this hurdle.

There is no doubt that if the BlackBerry Thunder rumors are true, I will probably be getting one day one or sooner, however, I think that a BlackBerry with a touchscreen and a slide-out keyboard will be the next really big thing for RIM.