Back in November rumors about Research in Motion buying out Palm started to surface but nothing really ever came out of them. I bet after todays news that Mark Nelson, a top Palm shareholder, wants Palm to consider a buyout, the rumors about RIM being a potential buyer will crop up again.

That being said, here are my top ten reasons Research in Motion should buy Palm:

  1. Palm’s logo is prettier than RIM’s
  2. Palm has 2 or 3 new models coming out this year for me to speculate incorrectly about in the Rumor Mill.
  3. Jack Bauer from 24 uses a Treo.
  4. I will look like a genius for buying all that Palm stock right before the Treo 700w was officially announced.
  5. Just to hack off all the BlackBerry traditionalists that think the company would crumble if they ever offered a device with a digital camera or removable memory.
  6. RIM has all that money that money laying around that they thought they were going to have to settle with NTP with. They may as well do something with it.
  7. I cannot run my SlingBox from my 7130e.
  8. We can go back to calling our BlackBerries Palm Pilots.
  9. We would have more than enough content for that new “What sucks about RIM” section on RIMarkable.
  10. BlackBerry Connect for the Treo may actually get released.