Although I decided to return my BlackBerry Torch 9800, I am still a die-hard BlackBerry user and have switched back to my BlackBerry Storm 9530.  Whenever I switch devices I tend to blow away the device that I am switching to and reinstall my favorite apps.  Since I am always asked about what BlackBerry applications that I am running, I figured that I would create a list.

Here are the top ten BlackBerry applications that I’ve just installed on my BlackBerry Storm 9530…

  1. Xobni for BlackBerry — Xobni, inbox spelled backwards, is the ultimate address book for your BlackBerry.  Xobni organizes your contacts in order of importance based on the frequency that you interact with.  Contacts that you send and receive calls, emails, and sms messages with the most appear at the top of your contacts list.  Xobni, using Xobni One, can even connect to your Xobni for Outlook running on your PC.
    Pick up Xobni for BlackBerry on BlackBerry App World for $9.99
  2. Tether for BlackBerry — Tether is simply the best and most cost effective way to use your BlackBerry devices wireless broadband connection to get your laptop online.  Tether essentially allows you to use your BlackBerry as a modem.
    Download Tether for BlackBerry for $49.95 in the RIMarkable store
  3. Google Mobile App — Google Mobile App is about a simple an application as they come, but, one that I use almost daily.  The application essentially adds Google Voice Search to your BlackBerry using your device’s location to tailor the results.
    Download Google Mobile App by visiting
  4. Twitter for BlackBerry — Twitter for BlackBerry is the official BlackBerry Twitter client co-developed by Research in Motion and Twitter.
    Download Twitter for BlackBerry on BlackBerry App World
  5. SocialScope — SocialScope is a combined 3rd party Facebook / Twitter client for the BlackBerry which, from, Facebook standpoint, in my opinion is better than the actual Facebook for BlackBerry client.
    Register for the SocialScope closed beta...
  6. Google Maps — I’ve said this several times before…  RIM should just include Google Maps on every BlackBerry.  BlackBerry Maps is virtually useless in comparison…
    Download Google Maps for BlackBerry by visiting
  7. BerryBuzz — BerryBuzz extends the default Blackberry alert system by allowing you to customze the LED color and create repeating audible reminders for just about any alert type that you can think of.
    Download BerryBuzz for $5.95 in the RIMarkable Store...
  8. QuickPull — QuickPull is a free BlackBerry application that allows you to do something that, quite honestly, should be built into the BlackBerry OS…  Simulate pulling your battery out without actually having to do so.  QuickPull even allows you to schedule regular reboots daily.
    Download QuickPull from BlackBerry App World...
  9. BerryReader — I am a big time user of Google Reader and BerryReader is the best Google Reader client for BlackBerry that I have yet to find.
    Download BerryReader for $9.99 in the RIMarkable Store
  10. PodTrapper — Podtrapper is, hands down, the best pod catching application available on the BlackBerry and one of the best available on any platform.
    Download PodTrapper for $9.99 in the RIMarkable Store