Jamie Lendino from Smart Device Central has posted an article titled “Top 12 BlackBerry Tips” aimed at helping BlackBerry 8700 series device users be more productive and save time. As Jamie puts it, these BlackBerry 8700 shortcuts are an attempt to save you from the “futile exercise in thumb wheel fiddling” while trying to navigate your BlackBerry.

These tips were written specifically for the BlackBerry 8700 series, however, some of them translate to other model devices. If want to learn how to navigate your BlackBerry a bit more efficiently, especially if you are a BlackBerry 8700 series device owner, take a look after the jump…

• Navigate quickly around calendar views by pressing D for Day, W for Week, M for Month, and A for Agenda. For this to work, you’ll need to set Enable Quick Entry field to No under Calendar Options.

• Deleting older messages is easy; simply click a date field and choose Delete Prior.

• Find any contact in your address book by typing out the contact’s name or initials, separated by a space.

• When browsing the Web, make quick work of visiting favorite sites by pressing K to open your bookmarks. To add a new bookmark at any time, press A.

• Press and hold any letter in order to capitalize it. Often it’s faster to do this than to set a mode or press another key first. To turn on CAP-Lock, press Alt + Right Shift (CAP).

• To move down a page while reading a message, press the Spacebar. This works on other screens, too. Moving back up a page is just as easy; press Shift plus the Spacebar at any time.

I’ve only posted half the list here. If you want to see the rest, head on over to Smart Device Central