Udate: Actually added the 10 reasons RIM needs to update the BlackBerry Browser immediately


When I first started writing this post, I actually intended to list out 10 reasons why the web broswer on the BlackBerry needs to be updated.  The truth of the matter, however, is that only one reason is really necessary…

The web browser on the BlackBerry sucks!

I am sitting here playing with a Palm Pre, a T-Mobile G1, and an iPod Touch.  All three of these devices use a web browser based on the WebKit open source browser engine.  It’s debatable which of the three offer the best browser experience, but, at the end of the day, all three are really good.

I am not saying that RIM needs to make a web browser based on WebKit, but, with most carriers offering pretty good 3G speeds and 4G being right in addition to the days of BlackBerry devices without Wi-Fi looking like they are numbered, RIM needs to come out something that can at least legitimately get in the game.

The mobile web has arrived, but, not so much for BlackBerry users…


After my little rant when I first started this post, several commentators, although agreeing with me that the web browser on the BlackBerry sucks, still want to see the 1o reasons why I believe this to be the case.

Here 10 Reasons RIM needs to update the BlackBerry Browser immediately in no particular order…

  1. The BlackBerry Browser is way too slow —  I didn’t do any significantly scientific testing or anything like that, but the browsers on the Pre and the iPod Touch have to be at least 3 to 4 times faster when connected to the same wi-fi access point than this 8520.  (Couldn’t get G1 to connect to my MiFi)
  2. No Java Support
  3. Scrolling around is all herky jerky and the page constantly refreshes when you zoom in and out.
  4. Cookies aren’t always saved — Some pages require you to enter in login information every time you start a new session.
  5. No Flash support — I know none of them have Flash support (yet) but it would cool if the BlackBerry Browser could do something that the others could not.
  6. BlackBerry Browser is a memory drain — if you do a lot of surfing you have to remember to close the app to free up memory or your device may run slowly.
  7. Perception — It is commonly accepted that BlackBerry browsing is inferior to web browsing on other devices.  For new consumers this paints a poor picture of the BlackBerry and they may assume that it is generally inferior to other devices, which, is definitely not the cas
  8. Third Party Browsers — Even third party browsers on the BlackBerry are better than the BlackBerry Browser.  This lets you know that improvements could be made within the current OS.
  9. WAP Sites —  BlackBerry Browser goes to WAP sites by default and you don’t get to choose the standard site unless the site itself has an option that allows you to do so.
  10. No Tabbed Browsing

I can think of a few more reasons, but, I’ll leave that for the comments.