iPhone 3GI know that RIMarkable is a blog about BlackBerrys and that BlackBerrys dominate the discussion around here, however, I have to admit, I am a bit torn on whether to buy a new iPhone 3G or not.

As many of you know, I got the first iPhone day one, and, after the initial fascination with it faded, I completely lost interest in it, as did my daughter who couldn’t text without looking at the keys like she could on her Samsung. It was a cool cell phone, however, I had no interest in jailbreaking it and there really was no software for it.

The only thing that I thought that first iPhone was really good at was web browsing, and for me that was only over Wi-Fi, because Edge browsing is so slow. I no longer even have service on the device and it has been relegated to nothing more than a gadget used to watch movies on long airplane trips when I don’t feel like pulling out the laptop.

I wouldn’t say that I was burned by getting the iPhone because it is the coolest cell phone not named BlackBerry that I’ve ever owned. It didn’t, however, grab me in the way that the BlackBerry did way back when I switched from Windows Mobile.

I am hearing that the addition of 3G and the number of really cool applications that you can get on the iPhone may make it worth checking out. The $200 for the phone isn’t so bad, but, I don’t want to throw $1200 bucks away on a service plan that I don’t use.

There is no doubt that my BlackBerry will remain my primary device, so, do all the applications that you can run on the iPhone make it worth having as a second device? Maybe if I started an iPhone blog, writing about the iPhone everyday would make me use it.

I may stop by the Apple Store this weekend if it isn’t too crowded. We will see if all the iPhone hype grabs me like it did last year.