My Answer to the NY Times infamous ” Black Sheep Article”

BlackBerry and Proud!
I know a majority of you have recently heard about or read the latest article at the New York Times basically bashing the BlackBerry brand big time.

While articles like these use to get me highly upset and aggravated, I now find myself laughing at these haters in their relentless attempts to beat down and bury anything that has the BlackBerry brand name on it. What small amount of respect I did have for the New York Times, and, please believe it was small, has now been lost due to an article that is not only is filled with BlackBerry Hater Rhetoric but lacks any real respectable journalistic integrity.

As much as I would like to call out certain people mentioned in that article, I refuse to stoop as low as some have. But with that said,i’m going low, and there are some people in that article that I would like to take a shot at so here it goes!

Let’s start with Rachel Crosby, first of all upgrade that BlackBerry to a 9900 or 9930 for starters, I mean if you’re going to rock a BlackBerry rock the best that’s available on the market. Second for you to say you want to “take to bat” with your BlackBerry phone cause it does nothing is ridiculous. I doubt anyone rocking a LA Dodgers hat can take bat at anything these days. How about you go get a new phone and quit complaining maybe that can help those sales out.
As for Yahoo’s newly appointed chief executive, Marissa Mayer, who chose to not offer BlackBerry phones for employee’s, that’s cool? The only good thing Yahoo has going for them right now is email servers and you know BlackBerry is top dog still in the email category, great move boss. You know just maybe you need to focus on that search engine and yahoo games or maybe your Yahoo escalations team; they need help because that customer service department is terrible.
And then there’s good old Mr. Mindel, poor Mr. Mindel , seriously I don’t know why anyone would be so dumb as to join a waiting list for a iPhone5 when the iPhone 4s is readily available. HELLO, THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE, MATLOCK, maybe after you turn that BlackBerry into a paper weight you can knock some sense into that head of yours.
BlackBerry haters come in all shapes and sizes and are consistent in their hopes and attempts to bury the BlackBerry brand and its products. They live and breathe BlackBerry hate so much that it consumes them into an altered reality. This reality they live in is called Haterville and I’m sure if you are a BlackBerry user you have run into one of these BlackBerry Hate Zombies more than once.
I must say to you BlackBerry Hate Zombies, that it will take much more than a biased article from the New York Times to shake the confidence of the BlackBerry Nation. We stand proud knowing that we are a special kind of people who truly understand how to get things done. While you bash with your hate, we are making moves toward the future of a mobile computing world and that world is BlackBerry.
BlackBerry Nation stand up and be proud!