BlackBerry OutageSo, we are now in day two of the Feb. 09 BlackBerry outage and I am sure that I will lay a huge rant on RIM once I hear the excuse as to how “what was never supposed happen again” still hasn’t been resolved some 30 hours or so later.

For now, I will just share with you a conversation overheard by a RIMarkable reader that wishes to remain anonymous between a brand new BlackBerry Bold owner and a Best Buy customer service person.

Customer:  I just bought this BlackBerry Sunday before the game and I spent all day yesterday and the entire morning today trying to get email on it.  It just isn’t working so I need to replace it.

Best Buy:  We could replace it, but, you still may not be able to get email.  BlackBerry email is down right now.

Customer:  So email won’t work on even a new phone?

Best Buy:  We could try it and see but there has been an outage since yesterday morning.

Customer:  Dude, I just need something that I can get email on.

Best Buy:  We just got 14 iPhone 3Gs in.

Customer:  Can I get my work email on it?

Best Buy:  You would need to check with your administrator but chances are you probably can….

Our anonymous eavesdropper didn’t catch the end of the conversation but the point was is that this customer was at least willing to contemplate getting an iPhone after email, of all things, failed on the BlackBerry.

It hasn’t been a good two days for RIM…