OK, I am going to skip passed all the mundane stuff like is RIM going to be shutdown in the U.S. or will RIM be able to continue to dominate the mobile email market with the likes of MS nipping at their heels and get right to the important BlackBerry news of the day.

This is going to be a bit hard to stomach for you CrackBerry addicts out there but the BlackBerry 8700 is being spun as more ‘Treo-Like’. When I first read the headline, I thought, “Oh my gosh, the 8700 is buggy, constantly reboots, battery life is horrible and the keyboard is too small for someone who is 6’4” tall with very large hands. Then I actually read the article and see that the BlackBerry 8700 being more ‘Treo-Like’ was actually meant as a compliment.

I know that ‘Them is fightin words’ for some BlackBerry users so I just wanted to post this early as a public service announcement of sorts for all the die-hard BlackBerry users out there who might be offended by such a comparison. Before your blood boils over, read the article, they are actually complementing the BlackBerry… Sort of…

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