An interesting report from ComScore on Touchscreen Mobile Phone Adoption came out yesterday and a few things in the report kind of surprised me.

  1. Touchscreen mobile phone adoption grew at a blistering rate up 159%.  Nothing really shocking about that.
  2. The iPhone dominates  the market with 32.9% market share.  Yeah, yeah… Sounds about right.
  3. The BlackBerry sits in 4th place with 7% of the market, only 1.7% behind the number 2 LG Dare and 0.8% behind the 3rd place LG Voyager. Completely wasn’t expecting that.

Of the 10 devices listed, the BlackBerry Storm received the most bad press, deservedly so, by a long shot.  For the Storm to come in 4th when it was such a bad device at launch and having been on the market for a lot less time than the three devices in front of it was more than just surprising.  It was actually a bit shocking.

This is probably due to the strength of the BlackBerry brand because no one else could have had a device suck that much, yet sell so well.  Hopefully the BlackBerry Storm2 will do better by the brand than did it’s predecessor.  Every report that I’ve heard about the BlackBerry Storm2 goes something like, “You know, it’s really not that bad“.  If that sentiment remains I think RIM will view the BlackBerry Storm2 as a success.